The Digital Solidarity Fund, one of the major sources of conflict at the WSIS, has been put on hold until the second phase of the information summit which is scheduled to be held in November 2005 in Tunisia.

The President of the WSIS announced on 10 November 2003 that the government bureau would be forming an "open-ended" working group to consider the post-Geneva-to-Tunis phase of the WSIS.

The Civil Society Division (CSD) Secretariat has announced guidelines (from the Summit format adopted at PrepCom3) for selecting speakers at the Summit for the Round Table discussions. Recommended speakers must be the highest personality in their organisation, or very well known experts in their fields.

The suspended Third Preparatory Committee Meeting of the WSIS will reconvene from 10-14 November 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland. Referred to as the "Resumed Session of Prepcom3," it is aimed at reaching an agreement between governments who have dissenting views on issues such as Internet governance and security, as well as financial mechanisms for implementation.

For those who wish to join the first phase of the WSIS on 10-12 December 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, the registration process is now open.

Several official announcements and regional developments have come up this past weeks concerning the WSIS.

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