Women in Action

Women in Action (WIA) carries in-depth articles on issues facing women globally from a feminist perspective. This social movement publication links women’s issues to larger social issues and features women writers from around the world.
WIA2012 WIA-2012
Women in Peace Building
Convergence06 sml WIA 2010-1
Converging Communications: Empowering Women, Transforming Communities
WiA cover03 2009 final web WIA 2009-3
Multiple Intolerance, Mounting Resistance

Women in Action 2009-2

WIA 2009-2
Women in a Weary World: Climate Change and Women in the Global South

Women in Action 2009-1

WIA 2009-1
Harvest Reaped but Hard to Reach

Women in Action 2008-2

WIA 2008-2
People's Communication for Development

Women in Action 2008-1 WIA 2008-1
Abortion Battles

Women in Action 2007-3

WIA 2007-3
Marriage Migration

Women in Action 2007-2 WIA 2007-2

Women in Action 2007-1

WIA 2007-1
Radicalising Democracies: Feminist Dialogues and World Social Forum 2007

Women in Action 2006-3 WIA 2006-3
ASEAN: the Political Storm

Women in Action 2006-2

WIA 2006-2
Peace Talks

Women in Action 2006-1 WIA 2006-1
Queering: Social Movements and Feminist Theories

WIA 2005-3
Cultures and Diversity

Women in Action 2005-2 WIA 2005-2
Market Fundamentalism

Women in Action 2005-1

WIA 2005-1
Beijing: A Decade Under Scrutiny

Women in Action 2004-3 WIA 2004-3
Reinterpreting Notions of Power

Women in Action 2004-2

WIA 2004-2
Examining Feminist and Social Movements




Women in Action 2004-1 WIA 2004-1
Corporatised Media and ICT Systems and Structures

Women in Action 2003-3

WIA 2003-3
Women in Prisons

Women in Action 2003-2 WIA 2003-2
Young Women

Women in Action 2003-1

WIA 2003-1
Women Negotiating Personal Spaces

Women in Action 2002-3 WIA 2002-3
Women and Fashion

Women in Action 2002-2

WIA 2002-2
Women and Communication

Women in Action 2002-1 WIA 2002-1
How Media Creates Enemies

Women in Action 2001-3

WIA 2001-3
South-South Movements

Women in Action 2001-2 WIA 2001-2
Women and Disabilities

Women in Action September 2001

WIA September 2001
Special Issue on the WCAR

Women in Action 2001-1 WIA 2001-1
Theme: Men’s Involvement in Women’s Empowerment

Women in Action 2000-3

WIA 2000-3
Older Women

Women in Action 2000-1 & 2 WIA 2000-1&2
Gender Racism and Fundamentalism

Women in Action 1999-3

WIA 1999-3
Women, Peace and Justice

Women in Action 1999-2 WIA 1999-2
Women and Work

Women in Action 1999-1

WIA 1999-1
Women and Sexuality

Women in Action 1998-3 WIA 1998-3
Women and Human Rights
Women in Action 1998-2 WIA 1998-2
Women Communicating

WIA 1998-1
Violence Against Women


WIA 1997-3
Women and Globalization



WIA1997-2cover WIA 1997-2
Women and Human Rights
WIA1997-1cover WIA 1997-1
Women and Food Security
WIA1996-3cover WIA 1996-3
Women and Spirituality
WIA1996-2cover WIA 1996-2
Enterprising Women
WIA1996-1cover WIA 1996-1
The Girl Child

 WIA 1995-3

WIA1995-2cover WIA 1995-2
Women and the Law
WIA1995-1cover WIA 1995-1
Violence Against Women
WIA1994-4cover WIA 1994-4
Women and Religion

WIA 1994-3&2
Women in Politics and in Science

WIA1994-1cover WIA 1994-1
Women in Politics
WIA1993-4cover WIA 1993-4
Women's Experiences in Community Media
WIA1993-2n3cover WIA 1993-2&3
Women and Migration

WIA 1993-1 & 1992-4
Women and Sustainable Development

WIA1992-3cover WIA 1992-3
Women's Cultural Expressions

WIA 1992-2
Indigenous Women

WIA1992-1cover WIA 1992-1
Empowering Women, Empowered Women
WIA1991-4cover WIA 1991-4
Women and Environment
WIA1991-3cover WIA 1991-3
Focus on Asian Women: Our Struggles, Our Lives

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