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For all the young feminist activists: here’s a chance for you to continue doing the awesome work that you’ve been doing. If you are a young feminist group from the Global South, apply for a FRIDA grant!

FRIDA grant FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas. FRIDA was created to bring new resources and new opportunities to young women and trans* youth globally. We believe that supporting young women is key to the expansion, rejuvenation and sustainability of women’s movements and organizations, both now and in the future. To date, FRIDA has completed three grant cycles since 2012, and cumulatively supported 57 different groups of young feminists in 47 different countries around the world and awarding a total of 437,000 USD in direct grants.

We are excited to be launching our fourth call for proposals and intend to support up to 30 new young feminist groups led by young women and trans* youth under 30 years of age.

FRIDA grants are flexible – they can be used for your activities, projects, and programs AND cover your core operating costs like space rental, office supplies, and salaries.

FRIDA uses a participatory process to select its grants – this means all eligible applicants get to vote on what they think are the biggest priorities in their region.

FRIDA provides more than just financial support – if your group is successful, you will also have the opportunity to strengthen your group’s capacity through additional funds, trainings, and community support through a network of other young feminist groups.

So, what are you waiting for? The call is only open for four weeks! Deadline for submission: September 14, 2015.

Check out the eligibility criteria, commonly asked questions and the application form on our website.

Groups can apply in up to seven languages: English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

Please help us spread the word to as many young feminist groups as you can!

Good luck and have fun!

The FRIDA Team

Ruby Johnson
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