(3-5 August 2010), held at the Isis International House in Manila. Attended by twenty-eight grassroots women leaders from the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Nepal, the three-day training served as a venue for interactive and dynamic exchange on climate change issues, its impact on women, as well as current responses and climate change discussions where women's voices are often not considered or heard. It culminated with People's Communications for Engendering Climate Justice: A Dialogue and Festival of Responses, a public forum and festival held on 6 August 2010, where participants learned about alternative media and communication tools and celebrated the knowledge gained.

Climate change is a reality faced by people and countries everywhere with women being the most affected because of issues of gender. However, women are also active agents in addressing immediate and strategic solutions to climate change. Through t 24-29 he training, participants were able to gain theoretical understanding of climate change from a feminist perspective allowing them to appreciate the importance and necessity of integrating gender in interventions at the community, national, regional and international levels. The training also provided participants with practical skills on crafting effective messages on gender and climate justice, as well as on the use of various communication tools to help them strategize more effective advocacy campaigns.

The Activist School on Engendering Climate Justice was part of a yearlong project where Isis endeavoured to raise awareness on Southern women's experiences of the impact of climate change, its impact on women and its linkages to other gender issues. The project aimed at surfacing southern women's perspectives and feminist analyses on climate change and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), as well as strengthening feminist positions on gender and climate change in NGO-led processes.

One of the outcomes was the Gender and Climate Justice Tool Kit.

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