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we! provides the latest information on the issues, campaigns, conferences, training opportunities, funding possibilities and other goings-on in the women's movement. It also provides updates on national, regional and international events organised by NGOs, government bodies and multilateral agencies that impact women.

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December 2008, Year-End Issue

AWID at Hindsight
Our Southern Selves in Movements
The Gist for Gigi: An Interview with DAWN Global Coordinator, Gigi Francisco
Peace-building through gendered reportage
Being myself at ILGA World 2008
Deglobalisation: Turning a crisis into an opportunity
China: An Emerging Big Brother in the South?

November 2008, No. 1

Joy Luck Club in China
Living the Lessons after the Tsunami for Indonesian Women
Poverty Alleviation Possible Only with Women - SEWA
Request for Solidarity and Support by Women of Zimbabwe
Community Radio: How Much It Matters in Disasters and Poverty
AMARC WIN Counts Down for the 16 Days of Activism through the Internet

October 2008, No. 2

"Don't Judge Me. Uphold My Rights," Asian women marriage migrants call
My Story of a Marriage Migrant in Korea
Marriage Migration in Korea: A Threat or Opportunity to the "Nation?"
Silenced Stories and Struggles in the Empire of the Rising Sun

Happily Ever After?: Women Marriage Migrants Monologues
Collateral Damage: Looking into and beyond Anti-Trafficking

October 2008, No. 1

Supinya Klangnarong on the Political Turmoil in Thailand: A New Era For Media?
WACC Congress 2008: Feminine Power Restores Hope
Inside the Lion's Den: Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore
Messy Migration from the Misery of Manipur
Media and War in Southern Philippines: A Time for More Balanced News Than Fearless Views
Global Week of Action vs Illegitimate Debt, International Financial Institutions and Climate Change

September 2008, No. 2

Sanlu Scandal in China: Another Nestle
Domesticating the Public Sphere: Domestic Workers Demand Policies and Protection
Malaysian Women Accelerate Campaign for Sexual Harassment Laws
Women and the Dragging War in Southern Philippines
International Day of Peace Statement - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Enabling Community Radios Save Lives
Communique from OURMedia 7: Identity, Inclusion, Innovation - Alternative Communication in a Globalised World

September 2008, No. 1

Leap Backward: Peace Denied in Southern Philippines
CSOs Move for Better Development Aid
PC4D in OurMedia7
Perusing Privacy and the End of the "War on Terror"
Women's Forum in Accra: Consolidating Efforts for Gender Equality in Aid
Fiji: Talk-Tok ? A First Bite of a Feast of Ideas

August 2008, No. 2

Young Asian Feminists Communicate New Politics
Illuminating the Shadows of Privacy in Policies and Praxis
Women of Asia Pacific Region Unite in Solidarity for Justice for the Women of Burma: A Statement by the Asia Pacific Women's Watch
Women advocate and rethink Magna Carta of Women in the Philippines
An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General on the Armed Conflict in Southern Philippines
Two More LGBT Groups Gain Entry at the UN ECOSOC
LGBTs battle the “Moral Taliban” in Hong Kong
Malaysian Opposition Victory: An Opportunity of Re-imagining National Communities

August 2008, No. 1

What Media Matters to Thai Women: CMDI and Isis launch PC4D
Thailand's controversial Public Broadcasting System
A Battle for the Airwaves, A Battle for Legitimacy: Community Radio in Thailand
Timor Leste's Ramos-Horta delivers message of perseverance and peace
September 11th as the Perfect Excuse to Not Comply with Durban Commitments
Women submit their position on the Monterrey Consensus review
An Appeal to the House of Councilors of the Japanese Parliament Regarding the Victims of Mass Rape
Scavenging: Women's Means of Survival in the Philippines

July 2008, No. 2

Engendering the Airwaves: AMARC-WIN presents gender policy in community radio in Bangladesh
Locating and Deepening Gender and ICTs beyond WSIS
For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Battle for Reproductive Health in the Philippines
Murder of Ms. Laxmi Bohara, member of National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal
Midnight's Children of Manipur: Kidnapping Children in Armed Conflict
Doha is the Problem, NOT the Solution: Reject the Doha Round!

July 2008, No. 1: What is WSIS again?: Feminists review "gendering" work at WSIS

Malaysian muslim women resist Islamic dresscode
Iraq-Kurdistan: Women claim new law erodes their tights
Iraq-Kurdistan women's groups demand ban on polygamy and equal inheritance
Isis commentary: Women at the crossroads, people no longer at ease in Zimbabwe
Make the Hokkaido Summit the Last Summit of the G8! (A Civil Society Declaration at the G8 Summit)
What is WSIS again?: Feminists review networking and advocacy at WSIS
Community Radio in Laos: Exploring Media Freedom

June 2008, No. 2

UNSCR 1820: A long overdue measure against rape as a weapon of war
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1820
Statement on the 2008 Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
In Restrospect: WSIS and its impact on gender and ICT
At the Tail-end of Agenda: Women and the Food Crisis

AMARC covers G8 Summit and civil society tracks in Japan, Censorship and harassment already begin
New bill threatens community radio in Thailand

June 2008, No. 1

Women's Statement on Zimbabwe: It's an emergency: Stop the Violence and Protect Women and Girls Now
Activist Toni Kassim dies
Bougainvillean women ministry head sacked amid mining row, Women demand reversal of decisions
Isis Statement on Sulu Kidnapping: Interrupting the News, the Quest for Truth and Peace
Threats and Survival:The Religious Right and LGBT Strategies in Muslim Contexts
Burma in the Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis: Muzzling Information and Media

May 2008, No. 2

International Day against Homophobia
Caucuses focus strategies on significant spheres in LGBT struggle
LGBT movements traversing social movements
Thoughts on "Equality in diversity now"
Burma in the eye of the storm: another missed opportunity for ASEAN
EU-ASEAN Partnership Cooperation: A Hidden Landmine
International Women's Health Month in the Philippines and Beyond
Subic rape case: Smith might walk free, women's groups fear
Gender and Media Summit

May 2008, No. 1

Burma in the Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis: Women are the Hardest Hit
Nicole Kidman barred from answering questions on UNIFEM appointment
Internet Governance Forum inviting new names for its multi-stakeholder advisory group

January 2008, No. 1

Nicaragua: Women's rights leaders face criminal charges
Kenya: Post-election violence targets women, children
WSF 2008: Social movements gear up for mobilisation and action
Malaysia: Knowledge forum calls for greater human rights protection
India: UNESCO launches new community radio technology manual


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