Strengthening Counterculture
by Raijeli Nicole

Cultures and Conflict
Group Rights vs. Individual Rights? Navigating the Tension in Western Liberal States

By Lyra Porras Garzon

Ethnic Minority People in Yunnan: Naxi Culture and the Role of Women
By Andrea Stelzner with Ge A-gan and He Xiaoxun

Sexual Cultures
Spelling It Out: From Alphabet Soup to Sexual Rights

By Sangeeta Budhiraja, Susana T. Fried and
Alexandra Teixeira

Putting You in Your Place: Culture and the
Filipino Lesbian

By Angie S. Umbac

Crosspoints: Exchanging Perspectives on Culture
and Diversity

By Fatima Lasay and Ewa Charkiewicz

Mediated Cultures
From “Horse Mail” to Intimations of E-culture: A Profile of Sarai-CSDS as a Space for Communicative Intersections

By Shuddhabrata Sengupta and Monical Narula

Culture Is Dead, Long Live Culture
By Sushma Joshi

Defining the Zone
By Samirah Alkasim

Turbulent Times for Multicultural Societies: Gap between Cultures in The Netherlands Widens Drastically

By Anne Lunenburg

Boys Don’t Learn!!!
By Ewa Charkiewicz

On the cover: On the cover is the mixed-media artwork Under the Red, Yellow and Blue by Filipino artist Dang Sering. The artwork’s red, yellow and blue colors depict flag colors to suggest state sovereignty as a force that can alienate and marginalise people, especially women and children. In the cultural diversity debates, the sovereign right of states in policy-making on culture is both reinforced and challenged.

Artwork by Jan "Dang" Virnice T. Sering
Cover design by Jaime Z. Marpa.

Women In Action covers a broad range of issues affecting women globally, but focusing on the particular needs and concerns of women in the Global South, and forwarding a progressive perspective tempered by the experiences of the third world women's movements.

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